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Congressman Chris Collins

Representing the 27th District of New York

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Foreign Affairs

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Sep 11, 2014 Press Release

Congressman Chris Collins released the following statement after the President’s address laying out his strategy to eliminate the ISIS threat.

“It is clear, we cannot allow for the same mistakes that have gotten us into this situation,” said Congressman Collins. “The current events in Iraq and Syria prove the absence of American leadership enables and emboldens our enemies, and puts our country and citizens at risk. I fully support actions to eliminate the threat posed by ISIS and protect our citizens at home and abroad.”

Nov 24, 2013 Press Release

This deal, on its face, is a troubling, dangerous recognition of Iran's right to enrich uranium and potentially endangers our strongest Middle East ally in Israel.

I am especially skeptical that a regime which has prided itself on secrecy and deception will suddenly embrace transparency and openness.

America should be strengthening sanctions, in line with the bipartisan bill the House passed this summer which toughens our stance against Iran.

Sep 13, 2013 In The News

Sep 12, 2013 In The News
WASHINGTON – Rep. Chris Collins went to the White House on Thursday to hear President Obama’s chief of staff make a pitch for possible, eventual military action against Syria – but Collins came away unswayed.
“I don’t believe anyone’s mind was changed in the meeting,” the Clarence Republican said after he joined other House Republicans first elected in 2012 for a meeting with chief of staff Denis R. McDonough.
Sep 10, 2013 Video

Congressman Chris Collins issued the following statement after President Obama's remarks to the nation regarding Syria on September 10, 2013.     


Sep 10, 2013 Press Release
After carefully considering the matter and waiting for President Obama to make his best case to the American people, I have decided that I will vote no to authorize U.S. military action in Syria, if and when the vote comes to the House. While I understand that this situation is very fluid, and the administration has agreed to diplomatic efforts through the United Nations, I am unconvinced that a U.S. military strike in Syria would be in the best interest of America and its allies in the region.
Aug 31, 2013 Press Release

Congressman Chris Collins (NY-27) issued the following statement regarding the President’s decision to receive authorization from Congress regarding military action in Syria:

“I am pleased President Obama has made the decision to consult and receive authorization from Congress before ordering the use of U.S. military force in Syria.  This situation is extremely complex and it is appropriate for all the representatives of the American people to vote on this critical decision.

Aug 31, 2013 In The News
Congressman Chris Collins, R-Amherst, who days ago joined other lawmakers in urging President Barack Obama to ask for authorization from Congress before using U.S.
Aug 28, 2013 Press Release
Congressman Chris Collins (NY-27) released the following statement today on potential military action in Syria:
“Today I signed a letter from Representative Scott Rigell (VA-2) to President Obama urging the President to consult and receive authorization from Congress before ordering the use of U.S. military force in Syria.
The images coming out of Syria are deeply troubling.