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Congressman Chris Collins

Representing the 27th District of New York

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Spending Cuts and Debt

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More on Spending Cuts and Debt

Feb 4, 2014 Press Release

Congressman Chris Collins (NY-27) released the following statement regarding today’s report by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office that determines ObamaCare will reduce the number of full-time workers by approximately 2.3 million people through 2021.

Jan 14, 2014 Press Release

Congressman Chris Collins (NY-27) announced today that he will vote in support of the federal budget bill, which was introduced late last night, and will come before the House of Representatives later this week.

Jan 14, 2014 In The News

WASHINGTON – The long lines of traffic at the Peace Bridge should grow shorter later this year thanks to a federal spending deal that also boosts funding for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, the Great Lakes and other initiatives that are important to Buffalo.

Local members of Congress from both parties expressed support for the emerging deal Tuesday, saying it undoes the most draconian of the “sequestration” cuts that reduced federal spending across the board nearly a year ago.

Jan 10, 2014 In The News

Congressman Chris Collins, NY-27, is co-sponsoring legislation that cuts the retirement benefits for members of Congress and redirects those funds to military retirement benefits.

“I believe the first people we must protect are our veterans, not our politicians. This legislation would prohibit members of Congress who retire before the age of 62 from receiving cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) increase on their pension before hitting retirement age,” Collins said. 

Jan 9, 2014 Press Release

Congressman Chris Collins (NY-27) is co-sponsoring legislation that cuts the retirement benefits for Members of Congress and redirects those funds to military retirement benefits. 

Dec 13, 2013 Press Release

Tonight I voted in favor of the congressional budget compromise that passed the House with strong bipartisan support. This agreement is far from perfect, but it does reduce our deficit by $23 billion and locks in discretionary spending at levels below what the House GOP budget called for.  In addition, the agreement cuts spending in a smart, targeted away and avoids the pain caused by the President’s sequester, especially for our brave men and women in the military.

Oct 16, 2013 Press Release
Tonight, the House voted to increase our national debt by over $300 billion without achieving a single spending cut. I could not, in good faith, vote in favor of this legislation which only adds billions to the credit card bill our children will be left to pay. 
Oct 1, 2013 Press Release

Congressman Chris Collins (NY-27) has asked House leadership to suspend his own pay during the duration of the partial shutdown of the federal government.  Late last night, Collins sent a letter to House administration requesting that his pay be withheld for the length of the shutdown.

This comes after Collins announced growing support for his bill that would suspend pay for all Members of Congress during a government shutdown.   Eighteen members of the House have signed onto the Government Shutdown Fairness Act. 

Sep 30, 2013 Video

This month I address constituent concerns regarding U.S. military involvement in Syria, SNAP and Obamacare.

Sep 20, 2013 Press Release

The vast majority of my constituents want Washington to get spending under control and prevent the harmful economic impact of Obamacare.  Today, I voted for a Continuing Resolution that accomplishes both and ensures that our government stays open at the same time. 

House Republicans are committed to defunding, delaying and dismantling Obamacare, which at every turn is proving to be unworkable as it raises premiums on hardworking Americans, limits healthcare choices for families and seniors, and destroys jobs because of its perverse incentives.