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Congressman Chris Collins

Representing the 27th District of New York

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Tax Reform

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Sep 14, 2013 In The News
“Everything old is new again” is a familiar saying that often proves true. What is also true is that sometimes when the old becomes new again, adjustments need to be made to accommodate the times. Such is the case as apple growers respond to a resurgence in public demand for hard cider. The food and beverage industry is much more regulated than it was in the pre-Prohibition days when hard cider was common throughout the region.
Sep 4, 2013 In The News
A measure before Congress that would soften restrictions on producers of hard cider was detailed Tuesday by Rep.
Sep 4, 2013 In The News
RIDGEWAY — When is a bottle of hard apple cider not a cider?
Under existing federal tax statutes, that’s a serious and costly question for cidermakers.
Washington defines cider differently than wine or champagne for tax purposes, charging producers wildly different tax rates on a per gallon basis.
If a cider’s alcohol by volume, which varies from 4 percent to 9 percent depending on the variety of apples used, is taxed as wine if it’s more than 7 percent; and as beer if it’s less than 7 percent.
If it’s
Sep 3, 2013 In The News
BARKER, N.Y. — Rep.
Aug 31, 2013 In The News

Getting Congress involved in the discussion – and potential decision – over whether to take military action in Syria is a good step, some members of Congress from Western New York said Saturday.

But grave concerns about the situation were expressed, with some elected officials cautioning about what could lie down the road.

Rep. Chris Collins, R-Clarence, called the Syria situation “extemely complex,” in a statement released Saturday, but said he was “pleased President Obama has made the decision to consult and receive authorization from Congress” on the matter.

Mar 16, 2013 Press Release

Congressman Chris Collins (NY-27) spoke to senior citizens today about the House Republican Budget proposal which balances in ten years and protects Medicare.  Released earlier this week, the proposal includes a specific protection for Medicare Advantage championed by Collins.