Congressman Chris Collins

Representing the 27th District of New York

Vision: The United States of America will reclaim its past glory as the Land of Opportunity, restoring the promise of the American Dream for our children and grandchildren.

Congressman Chris Collins: We Owe the American People a Responsible, Balanced Budget

Mar 16, 2013
Press Release

Congressman Chris Collins (NY-27) spoke to senior citizens today about the House Republican Budget proposal which balances in ten years and protects Medicare.  Released earlier this week, the proposal includes a specific protection for Medicare Advantage championed by Collins.

“As I campaigned for Congress last year, I promised the hardworking residents of New York’s 27th Congressional District that I would do three things: fight to preserve Medicare Advantage for our seniors, work to repeal ObamaCare, and push for a federal budget that would balance in ten years,” said Collins.  “The House Republican Budget proposed earlier this week does all three.”

“My 85-year-old mom and thousands of NY-27 residents rely on Medicare Advantage,” said Collins.  “This program is an example of what is working in healthcare.  Sadly, ObamaCare guts the funding for Medicare Advantage programs.  Working directly with House Republican Budget Chairman Paul Ryan, I was able to insert a specific protection for Medicare Advantage into this budget proposal.”

Unlike ObamaCare, the House Republican Budget does not cut Medicare, instead it protects Medicare for current seniors and ensures that it will remain solvent for future generations.  No current seniors 55 or older will face any changes to their Medicare programs under the Republican proposal.

Collins also praised the House Republican Budget proposal for balancing in ten years.  Collins says a balanced budget will help to spur economic growth, create the right environment for businesses to expand and add jobs, and secure a stronger future for younger generations.

“This budget not only protects my mom and her peers, but it ensures a brighter future for my one-year-old granddaughter who came into this world owing $52,000 – her share of the national debt,” said Collins.  “This country must get smart about our spending, pay down our staggering debt, and balance its budget for our younger generations to have a chance at the American Dream.” 

Senate Democrats are preparing to pass their first budget proposal in four years.  Their budget never balances and calls for $1 trillion in new taxes and includes $100 billion in new stimulus spending.  President Obama missed his budget deadline back in February.  His administration says it will release a budget proposal next month and admits it will not balance, either.

“Washington has to stop spending money it does not have,” said Collins.  “Instead of getting serious about our reckless spending and soaring debt, some in Washington just want to raise taxes again so they have more money to spend. Hardworking Americans know that is not the answer.  They deserve a responsible, balanced budget focused on getting our spending and debt under control so we can regain control of our future.”