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Congressman Chris Collins Applauds the New Commissioners of the International Joint Commission for Hosting a Listening Session

May 31, 2019
Press Release

Clarence – Congressman Chris Collins (NY-27) is applauding the new Commissioners of the International Joint Commission (IJC) for hosting a listening session for area elected officials at Greece Town Hall in Monroe County on Tuesday.  The meeting will provide an opportunity for local officials to discuss the high water levels on Lake Ontario and share their concerns about the flood and erosion damage that have been inflicted on shoreline communities.

Less that two weeks ago, the United States Senate unanimously confirmed President Trump’s nominations of Jane Corwin to serve as the U.S. Chair of the IJC, and Robert Sission and Lance Yohe to be Commissioners. President Trump nominated Jane Corwin to serve as the U.S. Chair of the IJC following Congressman Collins’ recommendation.

“Despite having just been confirmed, these Commissioners are already hard at work learning about the high water levels in our community and the devastation being caused,” said Congressman Collins. “Western New York finally has a voice with Jane Corwin serving as the U.S. Chair and, I applaud all the Commissioners for taking the time to listen to our concerns as elected officials.”

In addition to the listening session, the Commissioners will tour the shoreline to get a firsthand look at high the water levels and the damage that has been caused.  The recently confirmed U. S. Commissioners will be joined by the Canadian IJC Chair, Pierre Béland.

“Plan 2014 has created a man-made crisis for communities along the southern shore of Lake Ontario.  I am confident that these new Commissioners will conduct a thorough review of Plan 2014  that will lead to better management for lake waters,” added Collins.

Collins said that Plan 2014 was the source of the 2017 flooding on Lake Ontario which damaged homes, businesses, and infrastructure and current high lake levels this year are causing the same problems.  Governor Cuomo has already declared a state of emergency for eight counties on the Lake Ontario south shore anticipating damage similar to 2017.

"Federal, state and local officials, as well both Republicans and Democrats all agree that Plan 2014 is a disaster and needs to be terminated. This new IJC needs a more rational approach when it comes to managing Lake Ontario water levels," concluded Collins.