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Congressman Chris Collins Honors First Female Volunteer Firefighters in Erie County

Jul 24, 2013
Press Release
Congressman Chris Collins (NY-27) honored Helen Silliman and the late Flossie Bragg on the floor of the House of Representatives today for making history as the first female volunteer firefighters in Erie County. Silliman and Bragg joined the South Wales Fire Company 50 years ago.
“It was back in 1963 when Helen and Flossie decided to join the ranks of what was then an all-male department,” said Congressman Collins. “In doing so, they made history in not only South Wales, but all of Erie County.”
Collins shared how Silliman and Bragg became pioneers for women in the fire service in Western New York, and how their actions led the way for women to join the ranks of volunteer fire companies.
Today there are an estimated 35-40,000 women involved in volunteer fire service across America.
Tonight, the South Wales Fire Company will hold a dinner honoring Silliman and Bragg for their achievements.
To watch the video of Congressman Collins speaking on the floor of the House, click here.